An Update on my Current Writing Projects

Current eBook Project
I'm in the middle of writing a Tyler Cunningham eBook set in the summer of 2002, which takes a look at his first case (and the evolution of Tyler into a consulting detective). 

I haven't come up with a title for the work yet, which also explores his intentional homelessness a bit.  I anticipate this eBook coming in at between 15K and 20K words (a bit longer than "Mickey Slips") in its final form.

Podiobook Project
I've written the rough draft of the story that the SmartPig Creative Team decided would be well suited to our proposed audiobook/podiobook project, and need to find the time to go back through and break the story, tentatively titled "240 Minutes" into the desired four segments.
Second Novel Project, Summer 2013
I'm adding everyday to my collection of notes and ideas and web-links to information for the upcoming second novel project this summer. 

The novel will be set in the Adirondacks (of course), and delves more deeply than "Here Be Monsters" did into the history of the Park, especially the Great Camps (and the relationships between the Great Camp owners and staff and other 'year-rounders'). 

Another writing challenge that I'm excited about is that I will be writing chapters in alternating perspectives (two parts of the same story told by different people on a course designed to intersect near the end of the novel).  The majority of the story will be told from Tyler's perspective, but it will be interspersed with this other voice.

Sales Update
 Sales of "Here Be Monsters" and "Mickey Slips" continue to move along nicely, with fits and starts (and the occasional stop), and by the end of April, my math put the combined totals for my books at roughly 1,100 copies in the hands of readers. 

Excellent reviews continue to come in for both books at Amazon and GoodReads, and this blog now routinely enjoys over 100 visitors per day, with some days near 400 visitors.

I am hoping that the addition of another eBook, the podiobook, and eventually the second full-length novel, will continue to grow the SmartPig/Sheffield/Cunningham brand over time.

Thanks for all of your help and interest and for reading!


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