Fourth Novel Published!

My fourth novel, Thunderstruck, is now available in both PRINT and KINDLE formats on Amazon, and should be showing up in local stores in the next five to seven days.

I'm really quite proud of the book, and still enjoyed reading it after my final (tenth?) reading last week. It's a fun and nasty story, set in the Adirondacks, with a great cast of characters, including a new type of bad guy for me.

It fits in nicely with my other novels, Here Be Monsters, Caretakers, and Between the Carries, as well as the collected novellas in The Weaving, following (and to some degree completing) the arc of Tyler Cunningham's development from an orphan of the events of 9/11, trying to make his way in a world that he doesn't fully understand/function within as a result of living somewhere along the Autistic Spectrum.

Part of Tyler's ongoing character/personality development has been experienced (by readers as well as by Tyler) through the use and examination of music, and how it fits into peoples' lives. In this book I added a number of playlist by major characters into the storyline, appended them to the end of the book, and made up playlists that readers can access on Spotify.

Another fun addition this time around is the availability of maps to help readers follow along. There is a map included with the book, but some readers in the past have mentioned using google and other sources to find and follow Tyler's spots in the Adirondacks, so in this case I added a pair of maps.

The map above shows the area in which most of the action in the story takes place; the one below gives readers a closer look at an area where critical action sequences take place.

I think that the addition of these resources, while by no means necessary for reading/enjoying the new novel, will enhance the experience for some readers.


Jamie Sheffield



The fourth novel in the Tyler Cunningham Adirondack Mystery series is just about ready to go live, Gail and I have been giving it a final read-through to make sure it is exactly the book we want it to be when people get their copies to read/enjoy.

It should be available worldwide in the next week or so.

Going through it again has given me a chance to get to know it, and Tyler again from a fresh perspective ... and I really love it!

I spent some time last winter, and have already spent a couple of productive sessions this winter, at Whiteface ... writing and reading and enhancing my talent for ignoring large groups of noisy people.

Today I've been working on a story ... really a triptych of stories linked around a common theme and elements, and was able to finish a first draft of the first part.

I'll post and tweet and such when Thunderstruck is available ... I want it out as least as much as you do. ;)