About Me

I write mysteries and some poetry, mostly in and about the Adirondack Park in Northern New York, and also write other stuff as the mood takes me ... welcome to my website and blog!

 {a friend took this picture of me floating on Lower Saranac Lake last summer)
Jamie's Autobiography
I was born in New York City.  I've lived in, and traveled extensively through, the USA, Canada, South and Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa.  After seeing all of those amazing places, my favorite spot on Earth is the place that I lived for much of my life, the Adirondack Park in Northern New York.  I'm lucky to have spent so much time in such a fantastic place; it informs just about everything in my life.
  {My wife and I on a beach in Maine, last summer)
 I went to St. Lawrence University for my undergraduate degree, in Environmental Science and English (Writing).  After graduation I discovered teaching, and after a few years of having fun in outdoor education, I went back to get a graduate degree in Education from Syracuse University, which is where I met my wife.  I taught at various educational institutions for a couple of years, working with learners of all ages, before finding my niche in public education.
  {My friend Rick and I snowshoeing across Polliwogg Pond to camp on an island)
I live in a house in the woods with my wife and son and dogs.  I'm a Special Education Teacher in a local public school.  I've been reading every form of mystery and suspense novel for the last 30 years, and like to think that my writing adds a new twist to the genre.  I make time for my writing during the summer months, early in the morning (I've always been a morning person), or after my son has gone to bed.

 {My wife and sonn and I at a Halloween party we threw at our house a few years ago)
I live in a six million acre park, with about 120,000 full-time residents (the population of Hartford, CT, living in an area the size of Vermont, for those who enjoy that sort of comparison).  We have gorgeous summers, and long/cold winters.  In the part of the Park in which we live, there are enough lakes and ponds that there is nearly as much water as land.  

 {a cold, but wonderful paddle/camping trip last spring,)

I have loved camping and exploring the natural world since I was old enough to walk, and am blessed with family and friends who share my interests.  We spend the time between our camping trips, looking at maps of wild places, and planning our next outing.  In the last 5 years, we've been on 40+ overnight trips, and countless day-length explorations.

 {An annual winter camping trip)

I am grateful to friends, and especially to my family, for their support of my writing; without their love and encouragement and help, I would never have the time or energy or inspiration for writing.  

They are a constant source of love and support and ideas, and keep my engaged in the process.

Our dogs similarly give me their unflagging love, and allow me to vent or fume or try out ideas without comment.


Anonymous said...

Just discovered your website! :) I grew up on the Adirondacks and it is still my most favorite place in the world (even though I now live in NC).

Carrie :)

Yvona said...

I agree, the Adirondacks is the best place in the world... i live just up (or down?) the road from Jamie... I have lived in Europe and Asia... and other places in the US... the Adirondacks is the best!

Anonymous said...

Love your mysteries set in the Adirondacks! Do you have a new book coming out? sarahmalchoff@hotmail.com