4 Ways to Win a Signed Copy of My Novel

I want to run a contest and giveaway a few copies of "Here Be Monsters"...sound good?

If you would like a copy for yourself (or as a present), then you can pick one of the following simple ways to get one (if you do more than one, your odds of winning a book increase):
  1. Write and post a review for either "Here Be Monsters" or "Mickey Slips" on Amazon and/or GoodReads
  2. Post a link to your review (new or pre-existing, on Amazon or GoodReads) on Facebook or G+ or Twitter or your blog
  3. Share a favorite quote or scene from either "Here Be Monsters" or "Mickey Slips"(along with a link to the book mentioned) on Facebook or G+ or Twitter or your blog
  4. Share this blog entry with friends on Facebook or G+ or Twitter or your blog to spread the word about the giveaway 

I'll see the reviews on Amazon or GoodReads, so you'll get credit for those ones easily.  If you post about your review or a quote/scene or this blog entry, tag me, and I'll see it that way. 

For each of the four from the above list that you do between now and May 5 (Cinco de Mayo!), I'll put your name in a hat.  If lots of people participate in this giveaway program, I'll give away as many as five books.

I'll get in touch with the winner(s) and ask what they would like their book inscribed with, and where I should send it.



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