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Here Be Monsters

$15.00, signed and shipped


$15.00, signed and shipped

Between the Carries

$15.00, signed and shipped


$15.00, signed and shipped

The Weaving

$15.00, signed and shipped

No Man is an Island...Except Me

$15.00, signed and shipped

Dog is My Co-Pilot

$8.00, signed and shipped

Chili, the Grumpy Tortoise

$13.00, signed and shipped

A full set of the Tyler Cunningham books, signed

$65.00, signed and shipped

If you would like to order my books or novellas from Amazon, either in print or Kindle format, go to the following web address:

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, shipping is free for the print books, and you can borrow all of the Kindle books for free as well.

If you have questions about an order, feel free to send me an email and I'll get back to you so quickly it'll make your head spin.

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