New Tyler Cunningham Story for Release Next Week!

I've been enjoying myself during my two week vacation from my day-job, keeping busy with writing (and the obligatory marketing that comes with self-publishing).  I've finished two stories, totaling roughly 20,000 words, have another short piece mostly worked out, and have been doing some prep work for the second novel (which will be written this summer).

My current plan is to release the first, as yet unnamed, short story next week.  I will be working with my editor to clean up the second story, hopefully for publication in early May.  I plan to write the next short over the intervening weeks (it may end up being novella-length as it follows Tyler's first "case"), for a planned release in June.

The months of July and August will largely be spent (from a writing point of view) planning and writing the second full-length Tyler Cunningham novel, which has a working title of "Enigma".



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Will the stories be available on Goodreads?