Get My Next eBook Free & Before Everyone Else!

I first published "Here Be Monsters" a bit less than 5 months ago.  "Mickey Slips" came out about 3 weeks ago.

In that time, my books have been bought in print form or downloaded more than 1000 times!  I find this both incredible and amazing and humbling.

A less impressive statistic has to do with the number of reviews my books have gotten.  While the reviews have been great, there just haven't been enough of them (about 45 between Amazon and GoodReads for both books combined, which works out to roughly 4%).

I would love to get more reviews on these website from the people who have read my books, and I have a couple of ways that I hope to accomplish this feat.  I recently wrote a blog entry offering to give signed copies of "Here Be Monsters" to a few randomly selected people who rate/review either of my books, but I want to do more for the people who are willing to help me out by posting a review and rating on Amazon and/or GoodReads.

I want to give each of them an advance copy of my next eBook...each person who writes a review for either book, and sends me an email (jsheffield@gmail.com) will get a FREE copy of my next ebooka week before it is available for sale.

I need your email so that I can send the eBook to you in mobi/epub/pdf format; I won't use your email address for anything else, and won't give or sell it to anyone else.

So...there it is...write a review for either of my books, and I'll give you a copy of the next ebook a week before anyone else on Earth gets a chance to see it.



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