Amazon Countdown Deals!

Amazon has just started a new program that I'll be giving a try next week (please feel free, even encouraged, to check it out).

The idea behind the promotional program is that the price of an ebook is lowered for a limited amount of time ... after a given period (a countdown), the price bumps up a bit. This pattern repeats until the price of the ebook is back to the regular/original price.

My book, "Here Be Monsters", will start at 99 cents on Monday morning (11/18/2013), and the price will increase incrementally during the week until it arrives back at the original price on Sunday (11/24/2013). Since I think it's a pretty good deal at $7.99, I'm hoping that people will jump all over the 99 cent price.

Please tell your friends, share the link and information, and at the least stop over at the Amazon Countdown Deals Page sometime next week to check out all of the books on sale, and support the authors.




The "Mickey Slips" Audiobook is Now Available!

It's been a long process, but the audiobook for "Mickey Slips" is finally available for sale at Audible.com, Amazon.com, and iTunes.

I worked with ACX.com (an Amazon platform) to produce the audiobook through a process that took about 4.5 months from beginning to end. ACX connects authors with narrators (and vice versa) by asking authors to upload a sample of their story for narrators to read for auditions. I got a number of auditions, picked my favorite, and made an offer to the actor, Douglas Thornton.

ACX allows authors to pay someone up front to produce their audiobook, or you can offer them a split of the eventual proceeds ... I chose the latter option.

The narrator/producer then needs to make the first 15 minutes of the story for your approval. I had some comments on accent and pacing and such, but in general I was very happy with what I heard. Eventually, I got the finished product to check out, and after a full run-through, had some comments and some corrections, all of which were made quickly.

It took longer than I had hoped, but in the end I have a finished product that I'm happy with (even proud of) ... I hope to get Douglas as the voice talent for the rest of my books.

The link below should allow you to download a short sample of the audiobook.




Progress Update

I've been working on multiple projects since completing the first draft of  Caretakers this summer, and several projects are coming to a head now, so I thought that I would share some information about what sort of things I'm working on ....

This is a working draft of the cover design for Caretakers that I'm reasonably happy with at the moment
 Work continues on Caretakers, I've been giving it another read-through for story and flow and characters, while my crack editing team is checking on changes that I made following the beta-reading. Sometime this month I'm hoping to hand the book off to my copy-editor to polish the book for publication by/for/around Christmas (it would be nice to have it available for sale for the holidays and break).

Untitled Novella
I've begun work on an (as yet) untitled Tyler Cunningham novella that takes a closer look at Tyler's relationship with Dorothy through the lens of an investigation into a mystery that they are both involved in, dealing with a common interest, dogs.

Serial Fiction
I've also begun writing the first few installments of a serial that I'm hoping to pitch to Amazon in the near future. It has nothing to do with Tyler Cunningham, and could best be described as a medical and zoological fiction delivered in a thriller and horror format.

Audio Book Version of "Mickey Slips"
The audio version of my first Tyler Cunningham Short, Mickey Slips, was approved by me a few weeks ago, and by Amazon & Audible shortly thereafter. It is now in the final stages (hopefully) of filtering through their system, and should be available by the end of the week.

Other Stuff
 I'm also working with Amazon to get my short works accepted into their Kindle Singles Program, and am trying out their new Kindle Countdown Deals promotional program ... we'll see how these things work out.