The Adirondack Park is a six million acre park in Northern New York.  It offers residents and visitors a spectacular chance to explore wild country unlike any other in the Northeast.  New Yorks highest peaks and wildest rivers and quietest lakes and ponds can all be found in the Adirondack Park, as can thousands of miles of hiking trails and superb places to camp in remote wilderness settings.

Wikipedia has a great article on the Adirondack Park, that should provide you with a great starting point to learn about this magical and unique part of the world.

Jamie Sheffield lived and played and wrote in the Adirondack Park for decades, similar to Tyler Cunningham, the character in his new novel, "Here Be Monsters".  You don't have to know anything about the Adirondacks to enjoy "Here Be Monsters", but if you familiarize yourself with the Park a bit, you might enjoy the book even more; additionally, you might decide to take a trip to explore the last great wilderness in the Northeast.

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