Just Ask!

I gave a talk for the "Contemporary Environmental Writers" class at Paul Smith's College yesterday; everyone, myself included, had a great time. 

Photo Credit: Deb Naybor
I love doing this sort of thing, and wish I did them more, so it occurred to me to make the point that might not already be clear:

Ask me ... I'd love to come and give a talk at your school or library or bookclub!

I love talking about my books. I love talking about writing. I love talking about the Adirondacks. I love talking with people who love books and writing and reading. 

I've literally never had a bad time at any of the talks I've given, or wished I'd done something else instead ... just ask me and I bet we can work something out.

I've talked with people in events hosted by libraries and bookclubs and classroom teachers and bookstores, and everyone is always left smiling and ready for more. Sometimes I get paid, sometimes I sell a bunch of books, and sometimes I get fed and watered; once in a while it's all three, but I'll let you in on a secret ... I have a good time, and am doing my job as a writer no matter what.

In this instance, I was able to drop off some books with local bookstores in need of a resupply, exchange my son's rental skis from last season, get in a night of camping with our new dog Olive, and do this talk at Paul Smith's College ... it was a win from any angle or viewpoint.

If you're a reader or writer or librarian or teacher or bookstore owner and would like me to come talk with your group, please ask and I'm sure we can work something out.

If you're in the area, please join me for my next talk at the Keene Public Library this coming Saturday (10/28) at 1pm, for a discussion of NaNoWriMo.