Yesterday's Book Signing

This is not what my book signing for "Here Be Monsters" was like yesterday.  I signed and sold 7 copies of my book, and talked to maybe twice that many people about my book and/or writing. 

I still consider it a success.  There had to be a "first" one of these events, and this was a nice way to do it.  The Community Store in Saranac Lake is a local treasure, and the people working there were friendly and helpful.  I tried out a couple of different approaches to interacting with people who came in to shop.  If I had to guess, I would say that my sales accounted for half the business that the store did during the time that I was there...it was a pretty slow morning all around.

I brought more books than I needed, but that's not a problem.  I had water and altoids and plenty of pens (who knew, but with 7 sales, 2 pens walked away).  I varied my level of contact and friendliness with people entering the store, but noticed no significant difference in how they reacted to the table and the books and to me.  Some people would avoid eye-contact and skirt the table (and me) by a wide margin, while others made a bee-line to the books and me. 

I had more fun than I would have thought, not being the kind of guy who enjoys circulating at a party, talking with stangers.  The people who approached me were interested in the book and/or the writing process, and it gave us some common ground to establish a rapport.

The next biggie for me is a reading, which may be coming up in a few months if things work out...time for more research!



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