Novelette Progress, Interview, Signing, Sales...

I'm in the middle of writing a Tyler Cunningham novelette.  Writing in this short format is an entirely different feel than the novel was...I have less time and space to develop plot and characters and background, but I'm trying to work using that as an opportunity rather than a constraint.  I'm writing cut-down prose, and hoping that the change (relative to the novel) works as a pacing device to help pull readers through the story.

I'm giving a radio interview with NCPR on Wednesday, and doing a book-signing this weekend in Saranac Lake (at The Community Store), and dropping some books off to a local museum and also the Lake Clear Lodge for sale to their patrons/guests.  I'm uncomfortable with the promotions side of self-publishing, but it's a necessary part of the process if I want human eyes on my words (which I do).

I've heard a self-pub statistic that 97% of self-pub books never sell more than 97 copies, and "Here Be Monsters" did that (and more) in the first month it was available...this makes me happy and proud and...eager to take a break from promotion for a bit, and get back to writing a couple of days a week.



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