AuthorGraph - Signed Copies for Kindle Users!

Since the day that I published "Here Be Monsters" nearly two months ago, I have commiserated with Kindle users about my inability to sign copies of my book for them...no more.

I found out about AuthorGraph from an author friend of mine, and it sounds like a neat idea to fill a need in the ebook market.  People can visit the AuthorGraph website, find an ebook by a favorite author, and send a request for a "signed copy.

What you get is an electronic document that can be stored in your ereader, along with the ebook.  You can get just the author's signature, or ask for an "inscription" as well.  In order for it to work, you will need to follow a few simple directions to set up your Kindle (or other ereader device) to receive the electronic signature and inscription file (I was able to do it in about a minute for my Kindle on the amazon website).

From my end, it couldn't have been easier.  I entered some info about "Here Be Monsters", along with some contact information about myself, and the AuthorGraph website takes care of everything else.

You can follow THIS LINK or click on the button below:

I'll be posting the button above on the sidebar of my website's front page.

I think that it's a really neat idea, and I can't wait to send my first AuthorGraph!



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