My First Book Signing...

I've got a book signing this morning at the Community Store in Saranac Lake, NY from 9:30am until noon...and I'm terrified!

What if nobody comes?  What if they're mean?  What if people do come, but would rather buy funny hats for the Winter Carnival than a book by an author they've never heard of?  What if friends and family come around to give me moral support which turns to pity an hour in as the table and my books grow cobwebs?

I can't control any of that.  I've written a great book that should be relevant and interesting to most of the people that walk through the door, but I can't control what they do.  I can, however, control my side of the equation (a little), and that's what I've done by doing some homework on book signings.

I've read some articles, and talked to some authors, and am prepared (at least supplywise) for the signing today.   I will report back after the book signing as to which tips were most useful, which didn't work for me, and which I would add to the list.

The big take home message for me was twofold: be prepared (books, pens, drinks, camera, mints, etc.), and be willing to engage the people who come by actively.

Article #1, Article #2, Article #3

Thanks for reading, wish me good luck, and if you're in Saranac Lake today (2/9/2013) stop by the Community Store between 9:30am and noon to say hi and maybe buy a book!



Extremely Average said...

Last year I did around 40 signings and for the first couple, felt the same way. After a while, though, you find that everything you worry about probably WILL happen and when it does, you realize it wasn't so bad and the worry was wasted.

You'll do fine.

M.E. Masterson said...

Awesome Thank you!
As a new author with an upcoming book titled "A Heart In Pieces~A Return From Devastation by M.E. Masterson
I appreciate all the info you provided!