Snowy Saturday Dreaming

I spent a delightful day yesterday at Whiteface, skiing with my students and dreaming about the way that life could be for me as a writer.

I had a great time writing "Here Be Monsters" last summer, and working with my editor throughout the fall to get it ready for publication on New Year's Day, and would love to repeat that process again next summer (and in subsequent summers until the end of time).

I have started the planning process for the next Tyler novel, but in the meantime am interested in writing a couple of connected/related short stories and novelettes; these smaller scale writing projects work well with my schedule during the school year (and teaching is one of the loves of my life, as well as paying the bills and keeping us in doctors when needed).

To whit, my dream is to keep teaching (although if we're really talking dreams, I'd love for NY and the FED to get their heads out of their asses and my classroom a bit), write a novel every summer, and a couple of shorter pieces during the schoolyear.

I would love to keep exploring the Tyler Cunningham character, but can't tell at this point how many novels and stories he's got in him. I will certainly keep writing about the Adirondacks and the outdoors, as they're what I know best. I enjoy reading nasty books with some twists and tech in them, so I can see those featuring large in my writing future, even if Tyler eventually develops cholesterol or diabetes issues that remove him from the thneeding business.

At this point, typing from my kitchen table with dogs at my feet, coffee at my side, and the boy reading on the nearby couch, my writing dreams seem attainable and sustainable; this makes me a lucky man indeed.

Have a good weekend everyone!


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