Writing a New Short Piece

I had some time, and have had some ideas kicking around in my head relating to Tyler Cunningham, the protagonist in the novel that I wrote, so I started writing a short piece of fiction today. 

I already have some plans for a follow-up novel, to be written this summer, and this story is much less complex, so I'm thinking that it will be in the neighborhood of 15,000 words when all is said and done...a novelette according to a word count page that I found on Wikipedia.

Writing a shorter piece seems very different after working on a novel.  Everything needs to be more tightly planned and measured, and development of story/plot/characters has to happen much more quickly.  It'll be interesting to see what I end up with at the end of this process, but even if it's nothing much, it's still fun to play with words and see where the story goes.

In this short piece (short story or novelette, who knows?), Tyler gets a call from a lesser-developed character from the novel who is nevertheless important to Tyler...Mickey.  Mickey is in Tyler's kind of trouble, and Tyler is currently in the process of taking an unconventional path from trouble to clear, with a potential mess on order for anyone who picks the wrong team.  From here it seems as though things will work out for Tyler and Mickey as long as nothing goes wrong, but that seems unlikely to happen.

I'll post updates on the piece as it progresses...it's fun and interesting in the meantime.



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