KDP Select or not?

I published my book, "Here Be Monsters" through Amazon's CreateSpace, which dovetails into Kindle Desktop Publishing, which in turn dovetails into KDP Select?  In general, I couldn't be happier with CreateSpace, and also with KDP, both of which work together with me and each other very well...the question in my mind is about the KDP Select program, which I signed up for when I initially published (and goes until March 31st of this year).

My book's inclusion in the KDP Select program allows Amazon Prime members to borrow my book for free (and I still get paid some amount), or for me to make the book free to everyone to download as a promotion.  The "cost" to me for being associated with this program is that I have to list the electronic version of my book exclusively with Amazon while I'm in the program.

In practical terms, this means that I cannot make "Here Be Monsters" available to people with Nook or Kobo or iBooks users, or sell it in PDF format on my website.  I need to balance that with the roughly 20 people who have borrowed my book through the KDP Select program.

My current thinking is that when the initial agreement period is up in about 9 weeks, that I won't continue my participation in the KDP Select program, and will make "Here Be Monsters" available in other formats, and through other venues.

That being said, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter...based on your experience with, or simply your opinion on, the matter.



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