Winter Hammock Camping!

The book has been launched, copies are selling, good reviews are coming, I've started working on the sequel novel (as well as a couple of Tyler-related short stories), so I'm getting ready to run away from the whole thing for a bit.

I'm meeting some equally crazy friends for a 4-day winter camping trip out in the winter wonderland that the Adirondacks has become.  A number of us will be sleeping in our hammocks.  We may get snow (one year we had an overnight storm dump a foot of the white stuff on us) it may get cold (a couple of years ago, it hit -36F when a few of us were camping), but regardless, a good time will be had by all.

I'll post some pictures of the fun and games afterwards, and hope to come back inspired and rested and ready to get cracking on my new writing projects.

Thanks for all of the support and reviews and enthusiasm to date!



Dave Gibson said...

Love the pirate flag!

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