Bits and Bobs About the Book

I've been a published author for a week, and some of the fear and awe has rubbed off, only to be replaced by a mix of fun and little oddities of the process.

It took Amazon most of the week to view/list the Kindle and paperback version as the same book.  They have assigned parenthetical subtitles to the book that are still different, but neither bother me, and in talking with CreateSpace, it sounds as though it would be a hassle, and might even take the book offline to merge or dump the subtitles.

I've had some fun talks and email exchanges and discussion in various online forums about the book and the writing process, and am looking forward to more in the future.  I understand that a bookclub up here in the Adirondacks is going to read my book for their next month's selection, which is both an honor and a bit scary.  Goodreads has my book showing up on peoples' "to read" lists...people that I don't know (lots of the early adapters have been friends and family, but now the book seems to be spreading beyond that circle).  I'm ecstatic that the book seems to be establishing its own momentum, and a life of its own.

One "clever" thing that I threw into the book during the design process appears (when taken from outside of the slightly myopic view of myself and my editorial team) to not work out as well as I had hoped in the final cost/benefit analysis.  I assume that I'll be hearing about errata and perhaps some minor details in the months to come (75k words, there are likely to be a few issues, even with multiple read-throughs and readers).  At some point in the process, I'll likely dive in and make some changes and then re-upload the files for the paperback and Kindle copies of the book. 

Reader's Challenge:
If you can find/identify the thing that I'm referring to in the paragraph above in the text of my book, and email (or comment here) what it is, I'll send you a Twinkie from Tyler's secret stash of the heavenly pastry treats!



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