They Love ....

We found them (or they found us)
in times of need;
we needed fur-children and they needed homes.

It doesn't work perfectly, but it works;
all of our lives are better with all of us in them.

We love them and they love us, certainly ... with certainty;
the miraculous thing is the other love, the unexpected love.

Puck and Miles love each other ... incredibly, impressively, inspiringly

They are broken dogs, but perhaps, broken in the same ways;
their phobias and other issues dovetail rather than grate.

The world chewed them up and spit them out,
and ultimately found them wanting, but unwanted.

At the end of the line, maybe beyond the end,
they found us, and more importantly, each other,

Their lot in life is to live with, and love, each other ... and that's a lot.


Jamie Sheffield said...

If you were wondering, in the first picture Puck is resting his head on Miles, while in the second picture Miles is on the left with the flipped ear and is covering Puck's paw with his own.

Anonymous said...

I love this!