Kickstarter-ing My Next Novel

I'm using Kickstarter to help crowdfund my next novel, and am about halfway to my fundraising goal with two weeks left; I thought this would be a good time/chance to talk a bit about Kickstarter, and my Kickstarter campaign in particular.

Kickstarter is being used by lots of independent authors to help fund their writing in much the same way that advances used from publishing houses used to work; the big difference is that readers and patrons of the arts get to choose which writers and projects to fund, and to fund them directly, instead of through the proxy of a huge multinational.

My Kickstarter Campaign
I'm a teacher during the school year, and write my novels during the summer. I'm asking for people to pledge money to help me secure the same cabin that I used for my summer writing session last year because I was incredibly productive and inspired during the week that I spent there last summer; I would love to repeat that experience again this summer while writing my next novel.

What I get out of this:
If my project on Kickstarter is funded, I'll get enough money to pay for the writing retreat, and have a fantastic week in a peaceful and secluded cabin writing my next novel.

What you get out of this:
If you fund my project on Kickstarter, you get the satisfaction of supporting a writer doing his thing, BUT you also get a variety of more tangible 'Thank You Gifts' from me, commensurate with the level at which you choose to participate. Some of the lower levels simply involve my looping you in on my progress while at the writing retreat, others include signed copies of the new book (or all of my books), and it goes up from there.

The big point is that you're not giving me money and getting nothing but the satisfaction of supporting an author while he 'auths', you're giving me money and getting some great thank you gifts and getting the satisfaction of supporting an author while he 'auths'.

I'm intrigued ... how can I find out more about this fascinating concept?
I'm glad you asked. To find out more about the Kickstarter in general, and/or my project in particular, you should click on one of the numerous links in this blog entry and explore the information provided on the Kickstarter website.

My project page is loaded with useful information about the writing retreat, great pictures of the cabin, descriptions of the various levels of thank you gifts, and even an informative (and thankfully quite short) video explaining everything about everything in just under 3 minutes.



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