Blueberry Blush

I forget about blueberries for ten months each year ....

Don't get me wrong, I love them all year ... 
preserves, pancakes, and brandy.
{blueberry bagels are somehow always a disappointment}

I don't notice, or think about, blueberries most of the year,
but at this time of year, they rocket to the front of my brain.

I may notice some new leaves in April and May,
and start to see some flowers as May rolls into June ...
but the thing that really grabs my eye is when the bushes begin to blush.

The leaves shift from all green to having some pink at the tips,
I think it's a mix of pride and anticiation of their yearly fantastic trick,
berries tiny and juicy and bursting and bright with flavor.

I saw them blushing this weekend, and now can't think of anything but blueberries.

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