Tyler Cunningham Novelette on Deck!

Photo Credit Seth Jones
I finished writing a novelette yesterday; it ended up roughly 14,000 words in length.

 I don't have a title for the work yet, but it picks up with Tyler Cunningham a few months after the action of "Here Be Monsters" takes place. Mickey Schwarz, Tyler's sole remaining link to his origins in NYC calls him in the middle of the night in a jam; as luck would have it, it turns out to be the sort of jam that Tyler can help with, although it involves leaving his home in the Adirondack Park (which would ordinarily be unthinkable, but for Mickey, Tyler does it without a thought).

It's a fun little piece that explores the Tyler/Mickey dynamic a bit, and gave me a chance to write about another part of New York that I love, the Syracuse area.

 I submitted the novelette to my editor yesterday afternoon, and got some initial content notes today at noon. We'll work through the story, polishing and adding and subtracting bits until it's done, and then think about copy-editing.

 I would like to have this story available in ebook format by early April.

Thanks for your continued interest in HBM and Tyler!


 PS - I've got two more Tyler-related short works ready to write, one that takes place several years before HBM, and one that will take place early this coming summer... I would like to have them both available in ebook format before I start serious work on the next full-length novel this summer.

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