Monday Mid-Morning Malaise-Motivated Mental Meanderings


flask said...

jamie, darlin', the key sentence there is "i shall be TELLING this with a sigh".

frost sometimes read this with irony.

anyway, are you following the new kerfuffle at random house?

and we shoudl talk abotu how i can get an autographed copy of your book for my mom, who reads mysteries.

sadly i will be unable to read it myself, since i spend a fair amount of time camping alone in the ADKs and one way not to be afraid of scary things you thought you heard in the dark is not to have read a story about scary things that happened, you know, right... there.

where you are.



so unless i have misunderstood and you have written a book of lovely floral poetry or maybe a moderately surprising but undisturbing story containing no undue suspense, i will not be reading it.

i am very sorry.

i wish i could, but i would prefer to be able to continue to keep camping.

you know, nightmare free.

Jamie Sheffield said...

Hello after too much time!

I'd be happy to sign a copy for your mother (there's a link on this website, or you could just email me), and sorry but it does have some nasty to it.