Spring Break Sale! "Here Be Monsters" 50% off!

Today is the last day of school for me and the kids that I work with, and to celebrate, I'm cutting the price of "Here Be Monsters" in half.

In a perfect world, you could be reading this fun, quirky, and suspenseful novel on a beach or by a pool, with hot and cold running piƱa coladas and nothing to do but soak in the sunshine and warmth and read a great book and enjoy your cold/tart/sweet beverage...

Even if you're staying home, languishing under a sunless sky, maybe even working, getting a great book for less money is always a good thing, so buy yours today, and tell your friends about the super deal on a super book after you read (and love) it!

I'll be keeping the book at half-price for the duration of my Spring Break (March 22 through April 8).

All I ask in return for this largesse on my part is that you spread the good news in two way:
1) Tell your friends
2) Write a review for "Here Be Monsters" on Amazon and/or Goodreads (and maybe even Shelfari, if you're living out on the cutting edge).

Enjoy the book and your Spring Break...I'm planning on getting some writing done, and look forward to sharing some new stories on Amazon early in April.



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