"Here Be Monsters" as an Audiobook?

I found out about ACX, a new Amazon acquisition, yesterday morning.  It exists to connect writers with narrators for the purpose of making audiobooks. I'm very excited about the possibilities of getting my novel made into an audiobook.

In much the same way that CreateSpace makes brings print publishing into the realm of possibility for aspiring authors, ACX would seem to be able to bring the exciting world of audiobooks to authors. 

Without having to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars up front, ACX asks an author to provide information about their work, and presents it to potential narrators to submit "auditions".  The author can listen to the "audition" (an mp3 file download waiting for the author in your account on the ACX website), and decide if they approve the narrator or not.  If the author approves the narrator's audition, they can make arrangements to have ACX record the audiobook; if they don't approve, they author can hold out for more auditions.

Within 24 hours of setting up my account on ACX, I already have one audition for "Here Be Monsters".  The narrator's voice is wonderful... rich and expressive, but sadly a bit too old-sounding to play the role of the protagonist in my book, so I'm going to send him my thanks, and wait for other auditions.

It was incredible hearing my book being read by a talented actor, even if the voice was not exactly what I wanted, and I can't wait to hear the next audition.



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