July Update: Now with Exciting News!

Camp NaNoWriMo is rolling along, and I'm having a wonderful time writing, now that my school year is done. In the first nine days of Camp, I wrote just a bit over 25,000 words for my next novel, and I feel as though things are really coming together.

This process does not (by any means) yield a finished novel at the end of the month-long writing sprint ... I hope to have a finished first draft, as I have the previous two summers, which I can work with readers and editors to improve and polish in anticipation of a publication date in early 2015.

In other news, I am proud of the release of my latest book in print, "The Weaving", which is a collection of the four Tyler Cunningham novellas that explore the origins and backstories of important characters in his world.

It's available on Amazon, and should be in local bookstores soon.

I've also been able to steal time away from the writing desk to take some wonderful canoe trips with my father ... here you can see our Hornbeck canoes balanced on my Element for shuttling.

Here's a shot of one of my favorite trips, along with my fancy portage footwear!

There's a portage over the top, but I like going through this culvert with my boat ... I've been doing it that way for 45 years!

The trips are always great, even if the weather isn't!

I live, explore, and get to write in a truly magical place!

My parents are up for a few more days, and I'm planning on squeezing in another paddle-trip or two before they leave, as well as aiming for 3k words every day ... wish me luck (and be jealous)!



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Anonymous said...

Yes, we live in a truly magical place here... Enjoy, and happy writing!
Your neighbor & fello writer (just a mile apart)