End 'O July Update

I had a great month!

I 'won' Camp NaNoWriMo for July 2014, finishing a first draft of my next novel (tentatively titled, "In The Deep Woods") on the evening of July 24th (Gail's Birthday). The first draft is nearly 76k words, and I'm putting it out of my head for a couple of weeks before coming back to take a look at it. Gail is giving it a first read now, and we'll work together to poke, and plug holes in the novel once she's finished.

I had a couple of appearances as an author this month ... 2 signings and a reading. I always have fun meeting and talking with readers, especially ones who might read my books. The reading at Paul Smiths College was my first, and it was a great time with an enthusiastic and interested (although small) group of people. Having spent some time picking selections and preparing the presentation, I loved talking with the people in the room, and sold a bunch of books to boot ... I hope to do more readings in the future.

I recently ordered some author bling from Vistaprint ... a cover for my iPhone, and some new cards. Both arrived in time for the reading yesterday, and were nice to have along with me.

Gail and Ben and I are headed off to Nova Scotia for about two weeks ... we're all very excited to explore this neighbor to the north. We'll be taking a ferry from Portland to Yarmouth, driving a slow clockwise loop around the main island and Prince Edward Island (stopping to explore and paddle and hike and whale-watch and sample the fantastic food/drink/culture/vistas along the way).

I got an idea for a non-Tyler story (something in the 10k-20k range) that I might use to clear my palate after the July Camp NaNoWriMo. I love Tyler and I love writing him, but I felt myself getting a little sad towards the end of the novel, and this may be just the thing to distract me. The picture above, taken in our backyard (rear-jungle), was the spark for the story that's still bubbling and growing in the back of my head.



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