The Shape (and name) of (some of the) Things to Come

The SmartPig Illuminati had another retreat and dinner meeting last night, to celebrate the completion of the first draft of the next Tyler Cunningham novella, work out some kinks in the draft, and talk about the next few writing projects.

In between spectacular food and drink, served up by Liquids & Solids, a longtime SmartPig favorite (although I think Tyler wouldn't like it much), we got through an impressive amount of work.

We came up with a name for the next novella. It had a working title of "Dogfight", but is now tentatively titled, "Promises to Keep".

We identified eight areas of concern in the novella, and worked to address improving each one ... satisfactorily I think.

Finally we talked a bit about the next novella, which will be the fourth (and final) story to be included in the printed collection that we plan to release sometime in June. This one takes a look at the early days of the relationship between Frank and Tyler, as examined through the lens of a crisis involving a potential act of terrorism in the Adirondacks.

We're still in the exploratory stages of plot and setting, but I have a good feeling about this story, and like the way stuff is sticking to the wall so far.

I'm in the middle of applying for a newly established writing residency, up here in the Adirondacks; please keep all of your cross-able parts crossed, and/or send positive vibes my way.

I've continued to get some great reviews, which are better than any of the checks that Amazon sends me (although I'm pretty sure I don't have to choose ... do I?).



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