Hoss's 28th Annual Author's Night

Yesterday afternoon my wife and I drove down from Lake Clear to Long Lake. It's a lovely drive, and reason enough to take my Honda for a spin, but we had plans: I'd been invited to attend the 28th Annual Author's Night at Hoss's Country Corner, a Northcountry institution for almost 40 years.

{for those interested, my name is second from the top in the column to the right}
Author's night is an event that Hoss's hosts to bring together writers whose subject matter is the Adirondacks. We initially got together for a nice cookout dinner at the Long Lake Pavilion, which is up the side of a hill over the Hamlet of Long Lake, offering a pretty view of this lovely little town. When Gail and I arrived, there was a pair of deer watching the setup with interest, but by the time all 82 Adirondack Authors (and their minions) had arrived, the deer had melted back into the woods. During and after dinner, writers mixed and mingled a bit, talking about...books (and writing, and reading).

We got down to the big tent set up behind the main building of Hoss's around 5:45, and set up my space on the table, with copies of "Here Be Monsters" from Hoss's shelves, and some info-cards about "Mickey Slips" and "Bound for Home" flanking the print books.

By six, people were starting to show up (although the event was scheduled to run from 7-9pm), but Gail managed to take a picture that shows off my new table sign (with some info about the books and me).

 By the time things really got moving, the tent was packed with readers and writers, all talking about, and looking at, books...it was a blast talking with everyone there, and selling books to boot. I think there must have been 500 (or more) people in town last night for the event at Hoss's!

Gail, my talented minion, managed to catch this moment, when I was talking with a reader who was so enthusiastic about the local nature of my book (see her new and signed copy under her right arm), that the woman next to her snatched up a copy as if they might disappear)...it was my only double sale of the night, but I had a lot of nice talks about books and writing and storytelling during the course of the evening.

I look forward to going again next year, by then I should have three print books to sell...HBM, "Caretakers". and the collection of Tyler Cunningham shorts. 

Thanks Hoss's!


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