3 Tips to Sell More Copies of Your Ebooks, and Why Reviews Matter

August is eleven days old, and it is already far and away my best month of sales as a writer...EVER!

I've sold over 600 copies of my three ebooks and feel that it's directly attributable to three decisions that I made...

  1. Drop the price of your ebook to 99 cents. My novel, "Here Be Monsters" had been $7.99. My two novellas, "Mickey Slips" and Bound for Home", had been $2.99. There's a significant psychological barrier/difference, and if your aim is to get your book in front of the maximum number of eyes, garner reviews, and make a bit of money, then 99 cents is a great place to set your pricepoint.
  2. Use your network. I made up an ad and shared it with my author's network through Facebook and Twitter and Google+ and this blog. That alone was enough to sell about 30 copies of each book in the first few days of the month.
  3. Use a promotion service like ereadernewstoday.com (ENT). They are able to reach out to hundreds of thousands of members and suggest your book to them. The next one on my list to try (at some point) is bookbub.com, which requires an initial outlay of money, but has proven/respected results in the indie author community.

Now, what the next thing that I need is to find a way to translate some of those 600 sales into reviews for my work.  Independent authors like me rely on reviews to increase the visibility of our books, and help people see and buy and read them (there are lots of books out there, and if nobody sees it, nobody reads it).

If you are one of the people who took advantage of the 99 cent pricing to buy one or more of my books, first off ... Thank you!

Second, I would ask that after you have read the book(s) you follow the link on the back page of the ebook back to my author page at Amazon.com, and leave a review. 

A review does not need 5-stars (although we authors do like those ones). It should have a description of what you liked about the book, what sort of readers would likely enjoy the book in your opinion, and what you hope to see from the author in the future.

I particularly need reviews for my latest ebook, "Bound for Home", as it only has 4 reviews so far, and needs at least 10 before I can promote it via ENT. If you have read it, and could leave a review, I'd be very grateful.



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