99 Cent Summer Sale on All of My Books, August 1st through 8th!

As July comes to a close, my serious writing season is just beginning! I'm hoping to finish writing the first draft of my second novel, "Caretakers", by the end of next month.

To celebrate the reading and writing that we all enjoy, especially during summertime, I'm dropping the prices of all of my books to 99 cents for the first week of August.  That represents a savings of between 67% and 88%, depending which book(s) you select.

These books have all received great reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads, and make for some great reading, especially at 99 cents!

This is a great opportunity to support an independent author; you can buy my entire collection for less than you would spend on a Big Mac or a Venti Latte...buy them for yourself or for a friend who loves mysteries!

"Here Be Monsters", my first novel, is regularly available for $7.99, but during the first week of August you can get it for 99 cents, an 88% savings!

"Mickey Slips" takes a look at Tyler's relationship to Mickey Schwarz, a father figure who finds himself in trouble of the sort that only Tyler can help him get with.  It regularly sells for $2.99, so at 99 cents, you're saving 67%.

"Bound for Home" is an ebook detailing Tyler Cunningham's first case as a consulting detective. It is regularly available for $2.99, so the 99 cent sale represents a savings of 67%.

I hope that if you choose to take advantage of this sale, that you will also be good enough to write a review for either Amazon or Goodreads (or both?).

These ebooks are in Kindle format, and you can read and enjoy and share them even if you don't own a Kindle ereader...you simply download the FREE software which allows you to read them on your computer or phone or tablet, and then you can loan the book to a friend when you're done with it (just like you would with a printed book that you've enjoyed). 



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