A bit about CreateSpace Customer Service...

CreateSpace is the company, a subsidiary of Amazon, that is publishing my book.  I have been generally impressed with their site and the user-interface and their level of service...but...

They were supposed to get my printed proofs to me on Wednesday, and they have not yet arrived.  They likely would have arrived yesterday, if not for the massive storm that killed all of the roads in rural CT.  I'll post later today, when (if) they do arrive.

The thing that I liked was their response to my whining and complaints about not being able to get my hands on my precious!  They have all manner of CS software for email and chat, but I wanted to talk to an actual person, and have been able to do that more easily than with any other business that I've dealt with in memory.

I entered the number of the phone that I wanted them to reach me at, in this case my parents' place in CT, and hit the button.  Literally within a second, the phone rang, and it was CreateSpace.  The phone-bot informed me that a person would be on the line shortly, and in both cases was within 30 seconds. 

They reassured me about the process and shipment, fully refunded my shipping, and both polite young women personally sent me an email within a few minutes of getting off of the phone with me, to follow-up about the service call.

I'd like to have gotten my printed proofs on time better, but this level and efficiency of customer service is pretty nice to have in the company that will be help me to produce my books.


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