Mid-November Update (a few days early)

I'll be the first to admit that the biggest reason for this blog update is that I love the loop of Kermit typing ... but even beyond that, I do have some important stuff to share!

  1. The new novel, "Thunderstruck", is going through another round of story and line editing by the tireless minions at SmartPig ... it should be, as Horation Alger urged, going West (to our out-of-house editor for her first swipe at the work) within the week.
  2. I'm hard at work on, and up to my elbows in, the fourth Tyler Cunningham novella, tentatively titled "Code Talkers", which follows Tyler and Hope on a trip out to the Four Corners region for some cryptography and murder in red rock country.
  3. In getting ready for my big shifting of gears next summer, to write a fantasy novel, I'm reading my way through a pile of the best work in the field, both new and old. I'm also taking lots of notes and drawing maps and making up character sheets ... this should be a fun project.
  4. I recently conducted an interview with writing legend, and an idol and role-model of mine as a writer, Lawrence Block, and I should be posting the results of the Q&A sometime this week ... it was incredibly exciting to be in communication with this fantastic writer, and to get his thoughts on his writing and the writing process in general.
Enjoy your Sunday, read and write!


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