5 Protagonists Currently Living in My Head

At the moment I'm sharing my brain with 5 protagonists, each of them selfishly most interested in their own story, and each shouting for primacy when I have time to do some writing. 

I spend a lot of time and energy placating them with promises about a weekend away, quality time 'later', and love notes (memos to myself with ideas really, but you get the idea).

I often feel like a neglectful father, not having sufficient time to spend with any of them, but definitely showing favoritism for a couple.

First is Tyler Cunningham, the protagonist of four previous books, Here Be Monsters, Caretakers, Between the Carries, and The Weaving. I feel as though I know him the best, and as my first born he has been with me the longest. We've already started work on the next novel, and he gets jealous and nervous when I spend too much time (any time, really) with the others.

Next up is Ari Sigrunson, the lead character in my serial fiction project, "Watcher in the Woods". Ari seems a bit more laid back and content to tell me his story a nugget at a time, which works out well for a weekly release schedule.

Two protagonists that I know less well, but have moved into small attic apartments in my head have to do with two novellas I'm waiting to write. One is a YA Fantasy story, filled with magic and weird beasties and pitiless evil. The other is a zombie story told from (what I hope is) a fresh angle/perspective. I don't know when I'll get the chance to let these two out to play, but they keep talking with me, and each other, about Tyler and Ari getting all of the fun.

The last and latest protagonist to have set up shop in my skull is Mortimer Beane, the man who wants to replace Tyler Cunningham as the subject of my future novels. Mort lives in Lake Clear, New York, a retired teacher, and just wants to plod through the last decade or two of a boring life in peace, with his dogs. He just came to live with me a week or so ago, but I can feel his story (stories) taking shape already.

I love writing, love all of the characters, love listening to their stores, and hope to have a chance to let them out and share them with the world.



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