Nearly Published ....

I just returned from a wonderful week in Key West, where I spent no small amount of time giving "Caretakers" a final read-through.

The verdict ... I like it! It's more of a mystery than my first novel. The writing is better. It's very Adirondack-y. I love the story and characters and pacing.

I made sure to take time to smell the tropical drinks, while looking as Hemingway-esque as I can manage (which is important when you're a writer in Key West).  The Hogsbreath Saloon is one of my favorite places to be when in KW.

We also like going to the Fort Zachary Taylor State Park, where we spent some time in a hammock, between trees, or walking on the beach, or visiting the fort, every day while down at the lower edge of the USA.


Deb Kreider, a friend of ours, recently helped one of her dogs have a litter of puppies, and one of them is named Tyler (presumably ... perhaps presumptuously ... named after Tyler Cunningham, the protagonist in my books). We're looking forward to meeting him, and his littermates on New Year's Day for some puppy-kisses and gentle gnawing.

The book is essentially ready, we're just waiting for our brilliant copy-editor to finish her final reading of the proof copy, and then we'll render it in both print and Kindle versions for your reading pleasure.


Thanks for all of your support and interest in the year since "Here Be Monsters" and my other books were published; I hope that you enjoy "Caretakers" when it comes out (and leave a review to that effect once you've finished it.


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