Amazon Countdown Deals!

Amazon has just started a new program that I'll be giving a try next week (please feel free, even encouraged, to check it out).

The idea behind the promotional program is that the price of an ebook is lowered for a limited amount of time ... after a given period (a countdown), the price bumps up a bit. This pattern repeats until the price of the ebook is back to the regular/original price.

My book, "Here Be Monsters", will start at 99 cents on Monday morning (11/18/2013), and the price will increase incrementally during the week until it arrives back at the original price on Sunday (11/24/2013). Since I think it's a pretty good deal at $7.99, I'm hoping that people will jump all over the 99 cent price.

Please tell your friends, share the link and information, and at the least stop over at the Amazon Countdown Deals Page sometime next week to check out all of the books on sale, and support the authors.



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