Final Days of Writing...Now Comes the Hard Part!

I was able to write my way through another tough chunk of my next novel this past weekend, and am within days (hours, maybe) of finishing.

I should be excited, manic, over-the-moon ... but in some ways I'm not.

When I finished writing the rough draft of my first novel, I was elated. multiple parts of me hadn't actually thought that I would be able to finish the thing, so when I typed the last period, I actually jumped up and did a jig.

This time though, I knew that I could write a novel. More than that, I really liked my first novel, "Here Be Monsters", as did lots of people who's opinions I value and care about ... the second novel has to measure up.

This time I'm terrified that I might have used up all of my writing mojo on the first book, and this world I've created will be boring or smell funny.

I've certainly bled for this novel, which at the moment I'm calling "Caretakers", but I'm have moments when I worry that my time and effort and sacrifice - and blood - may not be enough.

It's not the first novel rewritten; I took some chances. It's nearly 100 pages longer, and much more complex. I feel as though my writing is stronger this time around, but wish that I was more confident about my ability to write a second novel as good as (or better than) the first.

I feel that I've improved my writing in the time since I published my first novel, and felt better writing this one, but am scared about the comparative turnaround times as relates to the creative process: the first novel took me 40+ years to work out, the second - less than a year.

My understanding is that all authors feel these concerns when approaching and writing and completing a second novel, but that doesn't keep the fear from nipping at my heels as I run headlong towards the end of this first draft of "Caretakers".

Even with the fear-monsters chattering at me from the dark corners of my mind, I'm going to finish "Caretakers" in the next week or so, and put it in the hands of my beta-readers ... I hope that you'll be able to check it out sometime early in 2014.



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Laurie Kozlowski said...

Wow, Jamie! Good for you on approaching the finish line on your second book! I found your blog on G+...in the Readers Meet Authors And Bloggers community. I'm new to the G+ scene, but something told me to click on your link. I'm glad I did! Great blog and post :) This is most likely bad etiquette...lol...but my most recent post was a type of encouragement for writers - "See You Be Brave!" It's about overcoming fear. I'm a newbie in writing and am on my own journey, but can relate to the fear. I also love music and shared a music video that in hopes of giving others a "Cup of Courage" to overcome doubts like the song helped me one day. Glad I found your blog! If you want to check out the post I'm referring to, here's the link:


~Laurie Kozlowski