March is Officially My Best Sales Month Ever!

There are still two weeks left in the month of March, and it is already by far my best month of sales for me as a writer!

I ran a number of promotions involving some targeted giveaways and price cuts, in combination with ads placed with various online ebook promotion outfits.

I'll post with final numbers at the end of the month, but the totals as of today are:
  • almost 6,000 copies of my two novellas delivered (for free) into the hands of potential readers/reviewers (some of who have already read and reviewed these shorter works, and moved onto the novels)
  • 50 copies of my novellas, "Mickey Slips" and "Bound for Home" purchased
  • over 400 copies of my new novel "Caretakers" purchased
  • over 500 copies of my first novel "Here Be Monsters" purchased
  • a couple dozen new reviews on Amazon and GoodReads for my books
I'm also (reasonably) hard at work on the next Tyler Cunningham novella, which should be out in the next month or so, and enjoying reading an interesting variety of books.




Blue Publishing said...

Congratulations! What kind of review boosts did you get? In our experience we have found that reviews are the most important element to Amazon sales.

Extremely Average said...

Those are great numbers. What's amazing to me is that you did it without a Bookbub ad.

I'm 2 for 11 on getting Bookbub ads and I know you'll land one soon and when you do...watch out!

Dave Gibson said...

That is very awesome, Jamie! Cool beans!