The Next eReading Revolution is (Nearly) Here!

I love how the internet allows people to access information and various forms of media exactly when and how they want it.  I'm astounded by how much access to media has improved and accelerated in the last few years.  I get excited thinking about upcoming shifts in the distribution of information, and especially in the field of ebooks and ereaders.

I've read lots of books this year, most of them ebooks.  I love the convenience of finding a book online, buying it, getting instant delivery, and beginning to read the book seconds later.

Besides downloading ebooks from Amazon and B&N and GooglePlay and Kobo, I have an account with the eNYPL, which allows me to borrow up to 12 ebooks at a time...I love the eNYPL, but wish that they had more titles available, and that they could make recommendations for me like the other sites do.

I envision a book rental/delivery system that combines the best of Netflix and Amazon Prime and Pandora (or Spotify)
  • A low monthly subscription fee
  • A vast selection of the best books on the planet
  • An algorithm that learns about our preferences, and suggests our next favorite book
 Something like the original Neflix pricing structure would probably work best in the beginning, with graduated fees, based on your chosen usage pattern - $19.95/month for unlimited books, including three downloadable at a time; $9.95 for 3 books/month, including one downloadable at a time.

Since music and movies have switched from the individual book  purchase to a subscription service model, it makes sense that books will do the same before long.  As a reader, I'd love it; as an author, I'd love to have my books become a part of it as well.

Amazon Prime makes a weak attempt at breaking in to this new paradigm, but one book per month means it's completely useless to me for 90% of the time (27 out of 30 days, since I read most books in roughly 3 days)...I want more books, more freedom of when and what to read, and more choice.

The good news is that my fantasy book rental/subscription service isn't only likely...it's inevitable!



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