Writers writing about writing, for writers, 5 top choices

One of the easiest things any writer, no matter their age or experience, can do to improve their writing, beyond (and in addition to) just writing, is to read.

I believe that anything you read is good for your development as a writer, even junk ... it teaches by non-example. That being said, I particularly enjoy reading the thoughts of writers I admire on their exploration of the craft, their journeys in becoming better writers, their stories about telling their stories.

I've read dozens of this type of book in my ongoing journey to better myself as both writer and storyteller, but there are five I would recommend above, and before, any others:

Read these books, one at a time, and discuss them with other writers you know; talk about what you liked about them, what you hated, what you wish there was more of ... the best way to plumb the depths of these books is by talking about them with other writers who've experienced them.

I lead a writers bookclub at the Keene Public Library, and we read something along these lines every month ... it's a magical experience, and a great way to think about, talk about, and learn about writing.

At some point in the future, I'll likely post more of my favorite titles along these lines, but for today I wanted to keep it tight, and just include my favorites ... all of these are gems.